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Our first priority here at NE Arkansas Goldendoodles is the health of our dogs and our puppies. For this reason all of our dogs are health tested and all of our puppies are properly vetted. 

Puppies are very fragile and prone to diseases and illnesses that can take their lives before it even begins. For this reason we take every preventive possible to ensure the health of our puppies.  

While nursing the dam transfers immunities to her litter that protect them against these harmful things in the first few weeks of their lives. But after being weaned the puppies are prone to these diseases and illnesses which is why it is imperative to start medications and vaccinations for your puppy as soon as possible. 

Our puppies receive their first round of vaccinations at six weeks of age as well as their first heart-worm preventive medication (Heartgard). Because heart-worm can be contracted through a mosquito bite we professionally spray our home and yard for mosquitoes as well as fleas, ticks, worms, and other insects  that can harm dogs. we also start our puppies on a tick and flea medication (Nexgard) at eight weeks of age when the puppies are sent home with their new owners.

Our puppies are fed Diamond Puppy food which is a grain free food that is rich in nutrients but also affordable. Feeding nutritious food is important in maintaining healthy skin and a silky full coat.

We get our puppies microchipped before we send them home with you because we don't want you to experience the heart ache of a lost dog.  When the dog is microchipped it can easily be identified as your dog which can reunite you with your lost friend quickly and easily!

Because we want to breed only the most healthiest strongest dogs, our puppies are taken care of in our home where they can be socialized and played with on a daily basis. Once old enough the puppies spend 10-30 minutes several times a day outside to play and run and most importantly learn where it's okay to potty!

As your puppy gets older it's hair will start to poof out into what's known as 'the Goldendoodle look'. With this comes the responsibility of making sure your puppy is well brushed several days a week and groomed every four to six weeks to maintain a healthy and beautiful coat!

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